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Welcome to the EPK for indie singer/songwriter Danny Mellin. On this page, you can find everything you need to know and expect from an EPK. Some of this information is duplicated from the main website but does include extra information not published on the main website, including extra video clips and higher resolution images for promotional use.

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Danny Mellin started writing and performing his own music from a very young age, releasing his first song 'Without You' at just 14 years old. Since then he has grown as a writer and an artist and, now backed by his band, he has played an impressive range of gigs and festivals which match his already impressive back catalogue of songs.
His music firmly sits in the admittedly expansive ‘indie’ genre, which covers the wide range of songs he writes - from reflective, introspective ballads to melodic indie rock anthems, full of youthful energy and banging guitar riffs.

Danny has a long list of influences from the likes of The Beatles and Oasis through to current favourites such as Sam Fender and Arctic Monkeys which are all reflected in Danny’s sound. There are also echoes of Willie J Healey, The Vaccines and The Magic Gang in the songs, fusing together to produce something unique, relatable and authentic.​

Since his launch event for his EP, ‘Holding On’ at the Rapture music store in 2018, the stages Danny has graced have grown in size an status as his sound developed into what it is today. From playing in front of 7,000 people at Oxford’s South Park for JACK FM, to numerous festival stages and the O2 Academy in Oxford, Danny is building a following of loyal fans as he grows as an artist.

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Danny has also received great support and airplay from a number of radio stations, including numerous plays on BBC Introducing and live sessions and interviews on BBC Radio Oxford.

Danny had a really exciting 2020 planned before COVID-19 struck! He had been back in the studio with his new band and a new producer and looking forward to a year of new releases, exciting gigs and festivals. Despite these difficult times, Danny and the band did manage to get into the studio between lockdowns and released three singles through the year. 

During lockdown, Danny continued to write new songs and as soon as the studio's doors reopened he was back recording again with new releases planned for 2021, including a new EP. Now with live music slowly returning - Danny is excited to be able to bring these new songs to audiences.

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"‘His Favourite Sweatshirt’ shows off the depth of Danny Mellin's artistry while remaining catchy, and innovative." - Indie Top 39

"There is no stopping Oxford's freshest indie artist ‘Danny Mellin’ Back with third single of 2020 ‘See You Around’." - Chalkpit_Records

"Danny’s undeniable indie image shines through as his attitude and swagger can be heard in his vocal performance and guitar playing." -  Indie_Groove


"Hugely relatable, this lad is smashing it this year!" - Instrmntl

"a treasury of undeniable musical talent that firmly sits as a one to watch" - Our Sound Music

 "‘See You Around’ is vibrant and armed with Danny’s contagious personality." - MoggBlog

"An anthem that’s destined for a feel-good playlist, ‘Beaten Up Nikes’ is a summer hit that must be played loudly." - CLOUT


"Heartfelt and captivating" - The_Other_Side

"...such poise and his authentic style makes this such a terrific listen" - A&R_Factory

"Danny shows that he is more than capable of playing the role of a storyteller through his evocative lyrics." - Chalkpit_Records

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All of Danny's releases can be found on most digital distribution platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon music, Deezer, Soundcloud, YouTube Music and more...


Danny's videos are regularly updated on his YouTube channel, but for convenience here are a few examples of original videos, covers and some live shows.

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